Staff Canteen in order to solve leaving job trouble.

Discuss with A-cast about system management.

Q. Please tell about using A-Cast lunch service for staffs.

Marugo rubber (Thailand) company is the rubber part manufacturer for auto parts we set up the system since 2016 and start the full production since March 2018 there are about 30 oficer in operating hours the company has an idea to have the staff canteen but there is no any supplier respond to the company requirement with the staff amount and then there is some company in the industrial estate introduce A-cast.


Later, Our Staffs amount has been increase from 50 people to 60 people and finally 100 people but there is no canteen service for staff in hurry and discuss with A-Cast then start using this service since April After the Songkran Festival.

Warm lunch Service available

Q. How about the feedback?

We Choose lunch Service that available since Monday to Friday the adjustable foods day by day.


Every Staff very Satisfied because there are several food menus such as Thai foods and Japanese foods. The 6 Japanese staffs are happy to have lunch as well. I think that the several menus Day by day is the important strategy what can make the staffs having lunch happily.


The full time staffs are able to use the lunch service for free, it’s the welfare benefit before using this A-cast service, the company paid for the lunch Allowance through the salary payroll but there is no convenient for the staffs to go out for lunch and the staff do not feel thankful. After the doing the staff surveys, the company decide to canceled the lunch allowance and choose the lunch service canteen for staffs for free instead.

The essential of welfare benefits.

Q. How about the result?

Although the costing is a bit increased, on the other hand , our staffs more enjoy with their lunch.


They are able to work on time after lunch time because of having lunch in canteen. Beside the leaving job trouble is solves and I’m impress and surprise that just the delicious food can change many things.


In the past few years there is minimum wage increasing affected to the business sectors are facing the staffs keeping trouble and cannot solves by salary increasing easily. In this situation I just realize to the welfare benefits what is one of the factor the people decide to join the corporation the produce industries in Thailand always develop with the car central and becoming the ASEAN leader market and keep leap in sustainable developing trough the neighbor the Corporation such as Indonesia and Vietnam and the essential things is the good quality labor.

About Marugo Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Marugo rubber Company Limited (Kurachiki, Okayama ) was founded in 1919, is the anti vibration part production such as engins parts suspension and muffler has been in business for more century, Present , They are base production in 5 countries including Thailand.

Company representative: Matsuo Mitsuhiro
Address: Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate (Amata Nakorn), 700/1003 Moo.9, Mabpong, Phan Thong District, Chon Buri 20160 Thailand.
Tel +66-3819-0205
Fax +66-3810-9614

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