Company cafeteria management support “Koba no Okan”

Suggestion of “Koba no Okan”

Employee cafeterias can now be operated even in factories with less than 100 workers!

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What is “Koba no Okan”?

・Even in a factory with less than 100 workers, we can provide hot meals with delivery.

The current situation of many Japanese manufacturing companies is summarized by the general affairs, and the drivers go shopping every day, before they know it, Khao Pad, Ba Mi, etc.

But if you’re from Koba,

  • 2 types of side dishes delivered daily for groups of 10 people (basically a pack of 2 types for 5 servings)
  • It is managed under Japanese management in a kitchen near the Amata Industrial Park, so it is safe and secure.
  • By receiving a monthly contract and paying in advance, daily processing is unnecessary. VAT processing is also possible, and a receipt will be issued.


  • Menus for Japanese expatriates who cannot eat spicy food can also be accommodated (grilled mackerel with salt, meat and potatoes, curry rice, etc.). Please feel free to contact us.

・As part of the welfare program for employees, we also provide other incidental services.

Even if cash is paid for food expenses, it is only a part of the salary, and there is little appreciation.

We will help you to collect the actual voices of employees regarding welfare benefits through questionnaire surveys, etc.

How the service works

Minimum unit is 10 servings per pack

We offer 2 types of side dishes on a daily basis

Deliver bagged side dishes before noon

Transfer to a vat, wrap and store in the refrigerator

What to prepare

Refrigerator, tableware (optional; rice cooker, warmer, microwave oven, etc., if necessary)

Freshly cooked rice is available as an option

Cooked on site according to lunch time

Overtime meals and adjustment of the number of people are also available, please contact us.

Example) For 10 people

1 meal @ 70B  x 10 people x 20 days of operation = 14,000B + basic charge 2,000B = 16,000B

*Please inquire about the price depending on the number of people and content.

An example of the menu

This is a proven menu that has been provided in the cafeterias of Japanese factories.

Thai food menu
  • Stir fried basil
  • Fried chicken with lime
  • Tom Yum Kung
  • Coconut milk soup with chicken
  • Sweet and sour stir fried
  • Sour curry with vegetable omelet
  • Seafoods spicy salad
  • E San sausage
  • Stir fried noodle
  • Chili paste with vegetable tempura and mackerel fried
  • Fried chicken with garlic
  • Mussaman curry
  • Fish cakes
  • Green curry
  • Steamed egg
  • Deep fried dumplings
  • Fried rice
  • Fried fish
  • Fried egg
  • Thai curry taste dish
  • Others
Japanese food menu

  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Fried chicken
  • Mackerel teriyaki
  • Mackerel boiled in miso
  • Pork cutlet on rice
  • Oyakodon
  • Miso soup
  • Pork miso soup

  • Curry
  • Cream stew
  • Grilled Pork Ginger
  • Croquette
  • Others

We will meet your menu requests. Please tell me the menu you want to eat more and more.

Advantages of introduction

  • There is no need to handle cash, hygiene management is improved.
    • Exchanging cash and picking up vegetables with your hands, the current situation is commonplace. “Koba no Okan” is a B to B business, and there is no cash payment at the cafeteria.
  • Can be introduced with zero initial cost rut of taste
  • Rut of taste
    • We change the supplier every year, but immediately after the change, the quality of the ingredients is gradually declining, and the menu continues to be in a rut, and employees are dissatisfied.
  • Activation of internal communication
    • The Thai greeting is “King Kao, Ruyan?” Have you eaten?
    • It would be a shame not to use the food, which is so important to Thai people, as a weapon for communication.
    • Employees do not need to go out for lunch, and communication between other departments is close
  • I’m worried that the current contractor is handling it individually
    • It is handled by individuals, not companies, and we want to manage risk in B to B.
  • Employee health management
  • Health-conscious menu, fresh ingredients under Japanese management, cooking and daily delivery for peace of mind
    • It is difficult to ensure safety because the procurement of ingredients is unclear if left to Thai contractors.
    • It is natural for some vendors to secure profits by using ingredients that have lost their freshness.
  • Responses tailored to the individual situation of all employees
    • In addition to Japanese and Thai cuisine, please contact us for special requests such as pork-free, low-salt, low-calorie, etc.
  • Reducing the turnover rate by improving and enhancing welfare programs
    • The key is not only the introduction of lunch, but also the fact that the company continues to improve small measures.

It is also a so-called “carrot in front of you”,

It is also imprinted with an attitude of valuing employees.

Would you like to hold a tasting party first?

If you don’t taste it at a tasting party of about 10 to 20 people, you won’t be able to convince the Thai employees who are picky about the taste.

If your company is interested, please feel free to contact us.

>>Customer's voice ``The employee cafeteria contributes to improving the retention rate of employees`` >>Customer's voice ``No more late arrivals after lunch break due to the renovation of the company cafeteria``

Please contact us by email first.


Solve the non-contact problem that became necessary due to the corona disaster!

Kaizen “E-canteen solution” for cafeteria operation using digitization

Until now, the needs of companies with employee cafeterias have been voiced as “worried about hygiene issues due to cash payments during this corona crisis” and “want to introduce electronic payment in company cafeterias”. “E-canteen solution” will solve the troubles of these companies’ company cafeteria management.

``E-canteen solution`` Click here for details >

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