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Full support for all aspects of operations for
companies expanding into Thailand

Company formation and operation

Trading company functions

Business Digitalization

Energy saving /

From entering the Thai market to improving existing business issues, DXing, and trading company functions

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Company formation and management support

Assistance with incorporation and operations in Thailand

The modern creative communication and internet network connect in smart city

In the continuation of business operations, outsourcing is also an option for expanding the size of a company, changing the type of business, and various procedures.

Naturally, VISA and WP application management is not a task that occurs every day, but we can handle important and tedious administrative work on your behalf.

And we can outsource a wide variety of business processes in bulk or in parts.
Please consult us first in various cases, such as dealing with the sudden resignation of an employee, dealing with a temporary increase in workload, or outsourcing double workloads when introducing a system.

An example of our services
Indirect department operations outsourcing
Dispatch of drivers and outsourced management
Company cafeteria outsourcing "Kouba no Okan

DX Business Digitization

Companies wishing to shift from manual to automated systems


The accounting documents are huge piles of paper, and the person in charge says that the 10-year original preservation requires preserving a pile of cardboard boxes forever, and digitalization has not progressed at all even after Corona.

I would like to self-account for the bookkeeping services that are outsourced, but how?
Payroll calculation is a manual process left to the person in charge as he/she is not familiar with Thai work rules and regulations.

We can help you make a smooth transition to DX so that you can focus on the work that makes your company profitable.

Trading company functions

We undertake all business related to trading companies in one package.


We will take care of all the operations related to trading companies, including sales channel development and sales management when expanding your products and services to the Thai market.
In addition, the purchase of untouchable scrap as "dangerous" in the manufacturing industry is also switched safely and securely with the support of group companies.
Please consult with us about cost reduction by procuring parts and materials from local companies.

Service Case Studies
・Establishment of sales route in Thailand EC for Japanese companies and development of local sales channel through Meta operation.→ Example of PPE product "TAKUMI Safety"

Energy saving / SDGs

Helping companies expanding into Thailand to achieve energy saving/SDGs goals.


Electricity prices are high in this part of Asia and cannot be reduced significantly even if the power company is changed. We are increasingly being asked by companies that have been affected by the rising price of crude oil and raw materials what drastic measures they can take to reduce their electricity costs.

Companies can no longer escape the SDGs and CO2 reduction. Companies that are engaged in manufacturing activities are required by their headquarters to set targets for SDGs and CO2 reduction.

In order to reduce high energy costs, which are a management issue, A-CAST provides companies with proposals for the installation of energy-saving and energy-saving equipment with the aim of achieving cost reductions through the systematic renewal of facilities and strengthening management.

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We can provide short-term support on a spot basis, as well as medium- to long-term support for visualization, streamlining, and standardization of indirect departmental operations through outsourced contracting and systems.
We design solutions tailored to your interests and requirements.

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