Started domestic sales of Cosmedy Pharmaceutical products in Thailand

Collaborate with A-Cast Thailand as an import agent on the Thai side


Adovonext Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Masahiro Inoue


Q.  Please give us an overview of the business that you recently started with A-CAST.

 Cosmedy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City), a pharmaceutical and cosmetic venture company founded in 2001, has decided to work with A-CAST on the import, export and sales business in Thailand of dissolving microneedle formulation products… Our company Adovonext will be in charge of export from Japan, and A-CAST will be the agent in charge of import and market sales in Thailand.

Q.  What are the features of your products?

 The biggest feature is the “microneedle technology” for percutaneous absorption, which was originally developed by Cosmedy Pharmaceutical. A new technology that pours water-soluble polymers such as hyaluronic acid and collagen into the epidermis such as the face using a very small “needle” less than 1 mm. In the past, metals such as titanium were used, but there were many problems such as pain, so microneedles using soluble hyaluronic acid were developed instead.


Hyaluronic acid is a component that originally exists in the human body, and it plays a role like a water retention and cushion between cells. Therefore, by crystallizing this as a polymer to a length of several tens to several hundreds of μm and using it as a substitute for needles, drugs based on hyaluronic acid with high biocompatibility can be directly injected into the skin. It is now possible to inject the active ingredient (lotion).
It’s called a needle, but all you have to do is stick a sheet with fine dissolving microneedle projections (needles) arranged in an orderly manner directly on your skin. It is attractive that you can easily handle it by yourself while staying at home. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen slowly dissolve overnight and penetrate deep into the skin. It gives moisture and firmness to the skin to push it out from the inside.
The company also excels in “sticking” technology.
The product group that makes use of this is the “Kyoyakusho” series, of which we have started selling Shiroko Komachi and Tsutsuzashi Komachi, and we plan to start selling the “Apply Supplement” series around the spring of 2020.
We believe that even in this market where made-in-Japan products have penetrated the market over the past few years, we believe that this product will be sufficiently appealing.

Q.  How will you handle import/export and domestic sales in Thailand?

 In Thailand, A-CAST will play a central role in expanding sales channels, mainly in the local market. I would like to convey to Thai consumers the wonders of high-quality products using dissolving microneedle technology.


For the time being, we will conduct sales activities so that we can mainly deal with women, such as healthcare, hair care, esthetics, and salons. At the same time, we will also focus on discovering local Thai buyers.

Wide-ranging and reliable partner

Q. How did you meet A-CAST?

Our Adovonext group company has an agricultural corporation “Tatomi Farm Co., Ltd.” that grows rice. Three years ago, through an acquaintance, a farmer in northern Thailand asked me to help him grow Japanese rice in Thailand. At that time, A-CAST Co., Ltd. cooperated in exporting pesticide sprayers.


I quickly got to know Mr. Okada, the representative. It has a wide range of defense and extremely high processing power. Reliable. Even if you bump into various things, it will respond properly. It is an indispensable business partner in Thailand. It’s okay if you just throw it away. Now, I enjoy that relationship.


In Japan, where the population continues to decline, high technology and traditional techniques that have nowhere to go are losing their foundation. There are fewer successors, and the market is sighing. Is it possible to seize a breakthrough abroad at such a time? We always think so. I would like to collaborate with young entrepreneurs who are serious about their work. Because wonderful partners like Mr. Okada and others are waiting for us there.


About Adovonext Inc.

From the Edo period, he ran a blacksmith business in Kofu City, and in 1909, he changed his business to the printing industry, which was the most advanced industry at the time, from lithography to letterpress, offset, on-demand printing, desktop publishing, etc. and expanded the business. The former company name was “Inoue Printing Office”, and the current president, Masahiro Inoue, is the fifth generation. He believes in carving out a new culture while valuing harmony between people, and has taken on the challenge of many new businesses. One of them is the agricultural corporation “Tatomi Farm Co., Ltd.”. After many years of working on tree planting activities and eco-friendly activities to reduce carbon dioxide, he entered the agricultural business with the opportunity to introduce farmland and established the company. When the local community accepted the attitude of working on local production for local consumption with the aim of becoming a professional rice farmer, he received an offer from a Thai group aiming to produce Japanese rice in Thailand in Southeast Asia, and collaborated. It also plays a role in the spread of overseas production of Japonica rice.

Representative: Masahiro Inoue
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